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The technology allows even shots that are hit thinly to achieve similar distances as well-struck shots. If you miss on either side of the fairway this is not for you as it will exaggerate the draw and hooks. The F-Max delivers on the claims that you will achieve less of a slice using this driver. There is a definite right to left shape on any semi decently struck shot. The club cannot be blamed for exaggerated swing issues but will address most issues.

  • There are many other indicators that may cause you to regrip sooner.
  • Unless you crack the face, crown or hosel, you probably are safe playing the same driver for 4-6 years or until a new advancement in drivers is approved by the USGA.
  • It has the forged face and it’s definitely Songr a louder, more metallic sound.
  • We constantly get the question, "How often should I replace my golf grips?" According to many of the grip manufacturers, you should replace your grips every 40 rounds or once a year, whichever comes first.
  • The Taylormade’s I don’t love the sound of, they just sound so muted and dead .
  • These indicators include playing in hot, humid conditions most of the year, gripping the club too tightly or observing signs of wear on your grip.

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One of the swing paths that most newer and intermediate golfers experience is the left to the right path. We are not talking a fade here that travels a few meters left to right, we talk about the wild left to right slice that ends up under the trees or in the water.

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Even more of a weight reduction was achieved by adding a lightweight bonded hosel. The standard Miyazaki C.Kua shaft measures in at 45.5 inches with a high balance point and a low torque design. This is aimed at higher swing speeds from the reduced effort. The center of gravity is moved to the back through a weight that is located at the back.

This is not a driver that will stand back much for the later models in the TaylorMade stable. The TaylorMade R Driver is a perfect example of such a driver. It is a driver that inherited the sliding weight technology form the SLDR driver and the technology is still in use in several TaylorMade drivers in an advanced form.

Golfers with slower swing speeds can rely upon the 10.5 degrees and 12 degrees loft options while there is a 9-degree loft for faster swingers. The Launcher HB (Hi Bore”) comes in a 460cc titanium clubhead with one of the largest sweet spots in the industry. The extremely thin crown has allowed Cleveland to move the weight to the bottom and the back of the head.

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